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Frequently Asked Questions

A certification is a third-party seal of approval. Truly Legit is an independent third-party that offers certifications to customers who can pass our verification process, showing they are a legitimate business and actively ensuring that user data is safe and secure. All certifications earned by a business can be displayed via their website in the form of a Truly Badge. Actively displaying your earned certifications as a Truly Badge will increase sales as you can ensure you never lose another sale due to a lack of customer trust.   

You can get started in as quick as 5 minutes! We pride ourselves on a quick and seamless process for getting your business & website verified.

We offer two certifications: Truly Certified and Truly Secure 

A Truly Badge is how you show your customers the certifications you have earned through completing our application and verification process.

There are 3 unique Truly Badges:

1. Truly Certified

2. Truly Secure

3. Truly Shield

These 3 badges can be displayed the following ways:

  • Floating: this badge display would sit in the corner of the users screen and follow them throughout their journey on your website. Never leaving their sight.
  • Static: this badge sits at the footer of the website (best practise) alongside payment related badges or other
  • Hidden: this badge is invisible to the user but still gives you all the tracking capability for your analytics

Alongside displaying the certifications you earn, the badges are fully functional and work to offer the intuitive analytics we offer.

It’s a one-time process. First time customers will be asked to walk through a quick application that also serves as our verification process. Once approved, we will continuously monitor your business and website status without having you re-apply or fill in any other additional applications. We handle all the work while you enjoy the benefits of being Truly Legit.

Yes you can. Our application allows you to add as many businesses and their respective websites.

If you are an existing business and need some assistance or have further questions feel free to contact us (we might have to set this up ourselves but ideally this when clicked would send them to the merchant specific inquiry form within the UI)

It all depends on the number of visits your website gets. See more information here

Or if you are not sure and want some help from one of our team members please contact us

A visit by our standards is every time someone accesses your website.

Not a problem! Pick a plan that you feel is best for you and if you need to change it the option is always there and can be done so instantly!

Or if you are not sure and want some help from one of our team members please contact us

Yes! Our plans are designed to be scalable and customizable to fit your business.

Real-time Metrics
Your most important web analytics metrics are always on hand in Truly Legit’s analytics, and they’re always up to date. No waiting – ever.

Instant Comparisons
One number is good. Two numbers are better. Truly Legit’s analytics automatically compares your current timeframe against previous timeframes to help you understand if you’re on track for a good month.

Smart Predictions
Web analytics that gets smarter the more you use it. Smart Predictions intelligently estimate your daily, weekly, and monthly traffic levels based on historical data.

One-click Timeframe Selector
No clunky timeframe selection around here. Switch between the current day, week, or month in a single click with Truly Legit’s analytics.

Engaged Time Per Visitor
See how engaging your content is and if you’re driving visitors to spend more time on your site.

Top Content
Instantly see the top pages on your website for any given timeframe to understand which content is performing best.

Event Metrics
When you implement Truly Legit’s powerful event tracking, you’ll see the most commonly triggered events across your audience.

Device Usage
Discover how much of your audience has been browsing on a mobile, tablet, or desktop device.

Smart Bounce Rate
Most tools calculate bounce rate based on out-of-date philosophies. Truly Legit’s analytics gives a more accurate idea of bounce rate based on our powerful engagement metrics.

Tweet-level Referrer Metrics
Truly Legit’s analytics shows you when visitors are referred from a specific Tweet, so you can reach out and engage in the moment.

Organisations + ISPs
Truly Legit’s analytics can look up the IP address of your visitors to give you extra information about the organisations they may be browsing from.

Language Detection
See the languages in use by the visitors who have been to your website in any given timeframe.

Real-time Browsers
Understand more about your website visitors with a breakdown of the browsers they’re using to view your website.

Real-time Operating Systems
See the operating systems in use by visitors currently on your website.

Real-time Analytics API
Our robust, elegant, and well documented Analytics API enables you to make use of Truly Legit’s analytics in your own tools and projects.

One Click Data Export
Your data isn’t trapped in Truly Legit’s analytics – you can export any metric with a single click to a CSV file for further exploration.

Top Content Groupings
Group your top pages by the first level path of the URL to see which sections of your website performed best in a given timeframe.

Timeline Annotations
Annotate key moments to remind your team why a traffic spike occurred – such as when a blog post goes live, or someone influential mentions you online.

Fully Responsive Dashboard
See your web analytics information on any device – from your mobile phone to your big screen TV. Truly Legit’s analytics looks beautiful across all your devices.

GDPR Compliant
We work tirelessly to ensure Truly Legit’s analytics respects the privacy of your visitors, and we’ve been independently accredited as GDPR compliant.

PII Free
Prevent the collection of personally identifiable information from your visitors. We believe the best web analytics service should be easy-to-use and helpful for businesses, and respect the privacy of visitors

Truly Legit offers a multitude of different security scans that all work collectively to give you

For in depth descriptions on each scans please go to the following link:

  • Anti-clickjacking Header
  • Application Errors
  • Big Redirect Detected (Potential Sensitive Information Leak)
  • Cache Control
  • Charset Mismatch
  • Content Security Policy (CSP) Header Not Set
  • Content Type Missing
  • Cookie HttpOnly
  • Cookie – Loosely Scoped
  • Cookie Poisoning
  • Cookie Secure Flag
  • Cookie Without SameSite Attribute
  • Cross Domain Script Inclusion
  • Cross Domain Misconfiguration
  • CSP (Content Security Policy)
  • CSRF Countermeasures
  • Directory Browsing
  • Hash Disclosure
  • Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability (Indicative)
  • HTTP Server Response Header
  • HTTP to HTTPS Insecure Transition in Form Post
  • HTTPS to HTTP Insecure Transition in Form Post
  • Information Disclosure: Debug Errors
  • Information Disclosure: In URL
  • Information Disclosure: Referrer

  • Information Disclosure: Suspicious Comments
  • Insecure Authentication
  • Insecure JSF ViewState
  • Mixed Content
  • Modern Web Application
  • Open Redirect
  • PII Disclosure
  • Private Address Disclosure
  • Retrieved from Cache
  • Reverse Tabnabbing
  • Server Leaks Information via “X-Powered-By” HTTP Response Header Field(s)
  • Session ID in URL Rewrite
  • Strict Transport Security Header
  • Timestamp Disclosure
  • User Controllable Charset
  • User Controllable HTML Element Attribute (Potential XSS)
  • User Controllable Javascript Event (XSS)
  • Username Hash Found
  • X-AspNet-Version Response Header
  • X-Backend-Server Header Information Leak
  • X-ChromeLogger-Data Header Information Leak
  • X-Content-Type-Options
  • X-Debug-Token Information Leak

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