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Better your marketing by understanding who you’re marketing to.


Unlock the power of data-driven success and leave your competitors in the dust with our cutting-edge analytics platform.

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Our Analytics offering gives businesses valuable insights into customers’ behavior and preferences. Our team of experts will help you interpret the data and develop actionable strategies to help your business grow.

Our lightweight analytics script ensures zero impact on your website’s performance (unlike those other guys) to ensure you get the most comprehensive metrics without sacrificing your customer’s experience.

— Features

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Available through our UI
  • Real-time
  • Intuitive analytics for key metrics

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Your business’ insights

Metrics included in your plan

Truly Legit offers different real-time metrics with your badge and certificates:

— Metrics, stats, and reports

Real-time Metrics

Your most important web analytics metrics are always on hand in Truly Legit’s analytics, and they’re always up to date. No waiting – ever.

Instant Comparisons

One number is good. Two numbers are better. Truly Legit’s analytics automatically compares your current timeframe against previous timeframes to help you understand if you’re on track for a good month.

Smart Predictions

Web analytics that gets smarter the more you use it. Smart Predictions intelligently estimate your daily, weekly, and monthly traffic levels based on historical data.

One-click Timeframe Selector

No clunky timeframe selection around here. Switch between the current day, week, or month in a single click with Truly Legit’s analytics.

Engaged Time Per Visitor

See how engaging your content is and if you’re driving visitors to spend more time on your site.

Top Content

Instantly see the top pages on your website for any given timeframe to understand which content is performing best.

Event Metrics

When you implement Truly Legit’s analytics’s powerful event tracking, you’ll see the most commonly triggered events across your audience.

Device Usage

Discover how much of your audience has been browsing on a mobile, tablet, or desktop device.

Smart Bounce Rate

Most tools calculate bounce rate based on out-of-date philosophies. Truly Legit’s analytics gives a more accurate idea of bounce rate based on our powerful engagement metrics.

Tweet-level Referrer Metrics

Truly Legit’s analytics shows you when visitors are referred from a specific Tweet, so you can reach out and engage in the moment.

Organisations + ISPs

Truly Legit’s analytics can look up the IP address of your visitors to give you extra information about the organisations they may be browsing from.

Language Detection

See the languages in use by the visitors who have been to your website in any given timeframe.

Real-time Browsers

Understand more about your website visitors with a breakdown of the browsers they’re using to view your website.

Real-time Operating Systems

See the operating systems in use by visitors currently on your website.

Real-time Analytics API

Our robust, elegant, and well documented Analytics API enables you to make use of Truly Legit’s analytics in your own tools and projects.

One Click Data Export

Your data isn’t trapped in Truly Legit’s analytics – you can export any metric with a single click to a CSV file for further exploration.

Top Content Groupings

Group your top pages by the first level path of the URL to see which sections of your website performed best in a given timeframe.

Timeline Annotations

Annotate key moments to remind your team why a traffic spike occurred – such as when a blog post goes live, or someone influential mentions you online.

Fully Responsive Dashboard

See your web analytics information on any device – from your mobile phone to your big screen TV. Truly Legit’s analytics looks beautiful across all your devices.

GDPR Compliant

We work tirelessly to ensure Truly Legit’s analytics respects the privacy of your visitors, and we’ve been independently accredited as GDPR compliant.

PII Free

Prevent the collection of personally identifiable information from your visitors. We believe the best web analytics service should be easy-to-use and helpful for businesses, and respect the privacy of visitors

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Our trusted badges of approval help to build customer trust, making it easier for visitors to engage with your website and driving growth over time.

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Get a comprehensive understanding of your website’s performance to enhance business planning & monitoring with ease.


Check out our pricing plans and start unlocking your sales today

Pricing plans

Check out our pricing plans and start unlocking your sales today

Pricing plans

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