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Why Truly Legit

A successful business is built on trust. As more businesses expand online, customers have more choice than ever on who they buy from and are struggling to know who and what to trust. We’re here to help trustworthy businesses like yours succeed.

An essential service for the digital world

Lack of trust is causing legitimate businesses to lose sales. A service like Truly Legit is essential in today’s digital age. Rest assured that our badges will relieve the stress of online shopping for customers and give them the reassurance they need to convert on your website.

So, why choose Truly Legit as your service provider?

Choose Truly Legit

In a world where digital matters, we’re here to help your business succeed without compromise. Whether you need security services, analytics, or certifications, Truly Legit has you covered.

Choose Truly Legit as your service provider and take the first step towards a more successful business.

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What sets us apart?

Advanced validation checks

We perform the highest-quality and most thorough checks, ensuring that only legitimate businesses receive our certifications & badges. Customers can trust and rely on businesses displaying our badge, leading to a better customer experience and higher conversion rate.

No technical expertise needed

Our entire service is designed to be set-up start to finish in 5 minutes. Regardless of your technical skills, you can get going and installing your badges hassle free.

Use our plugins and read our clear guides on how to install and configure your badges.

Security and analytics

Unlike competitors, we perform comprehensive security scans to ensure the safety of your website and customers. As well, our unique analytics solution gives you only the key information for full visibility on the performance of your website.

Quick and automated

Unlike traditional certification methods, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, our process is fully automated. Allowing us to certify businesses quickly, efficiently and get you set up as fast as possible.

Gain customer trust and boost sales with our certification solution

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